On-the-Water Events

Navigation Challenge

Using soundings and bearings a crew works together to chart a course.  This event takes place both on the water and on land.  Teams must have knowledge of navigation and must be able to put these skills to practical use.

Mail Bag Toss

An event to demonstrate the traditional method of passing mail and materials to and from long boats and tall ships.  A heaving a line is tossed and a mail bag must be passed onto the longboat without getting the parcel wet!


A two to four mile course.  Using 13 foot oars and traditionally rigged sails makes this a real test of endurance for the crews.  It is a true team effort and a pleasure to watch.

Man Over Board

At a judges command the crew must retrieve a man-over board (or dummy) it in a timely and safe manner.

Knot Tying Competition

An event that demonstrates knot tying skills.  Knots must be tied correctly and quickly and it becomes a race to the finish.  Knots to know are:

–          bowline

–          figure eight

–          reef knot

–          constrictor knot

–          clove hitch

–          marlingspike hitch

–          midshipman’s hitch

–          round turn and two half hitches

–          fisherman’s bend

Bonus points for the zepplin bend, splicing and palm and needle whipping

Pass & Review

An opportunity for crews to demonstrate their rowing skill and offer a salute to the judges.  Salutes, songs, and bribes are all looked upon with favor.